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شرکت آسفالت ماکادام شرق

(سهامی خاص )

 The development of long range human needs led innovation - innovation and invention were, work and production and also formed various human societies in various fields, without exception, and a growing body of work and production were established. Regardless of IQ and physical ability and access to underground reserves and resources and land Abna’ evident Bshrfraynd different evolutionary rate began and the imposition of the above factors and their effects on different communities showed rapidly progressive.
So long as progress indicators, which form societies with charisma and high IQ was associated with management and organization benefiting from cheap labor downstream start to climb and make the distinction, has wealth and power.
After the power production and better in the next step in the process of mass production and resource management, manufacturing and services Drgstrh land, rich and ideas Barvrgrdyd Human Factors Azklyh Drchgvngy used in different branches formed.
According to a history, conduct and management of new ideas that always caused due to the creativity of human societies to different tone categories, and as manifest destiny to believe it.
But the transition from the cocoon woven mobility and innovation and the creation and acceptance of risks and probabilities unpredictable and competitive entry intensive production, something that not as a rule but an exception created in the manufacturing firm has always had a role And the more interesting results of this risk often have impressive following.  

Average does not accept the results, often the best results will be achieved